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Taylor Swift Comes Out Of Hiding To Sing ‘Dilemma’ With Nelly

At a very swanky birthday party

Taylor Swift has kept a low profile ever since a certain incriminating video leaked on Snapchat in July, but she appeared over the weekend to sing with Nelly at Karlie Kloss’s oil heir Mikey Hess's birthday party.

Nelly and Swift celebrated Hess's 30th in the Hamptons on Saturday (August 6). At one point, the DJ put on Nelly’s 2002 hit “Dilemma,” and Taylor couldn’t help but sing along to Kelly Rowland’s parts.

“Dilemma” still ranks as one of the catchiest songs about an unfortunate love triangle. Given recent events on the T. Swift timeline, it seems more than a little fitting for her to cover it, even as a spontaneous karaoke performance. (OK, it’s not specifically about trading in one U.K. bloke for another, but the parallels are too strong to go unnoticed.)