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Normani Kordei Slams Rumors Of A Fifth Harmony Feud

The singer insists she has ‘love and respect’ for all four of her bandmates

Fifth Harmony fans, take note: Any perceived tensions you may see within the group are all in your head (flex).

Normani Kordei confirmed as much when she took to Twitter on Friday to defend herself against allegations of feuding with Camila Cabello. The rumors started earlier this week after an interview in which she was asked to describe her bandmates’ best qualities. She had gushing things to say about Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui, and Dinah Jane Hasen, but when it came to Camila, she left it at, “Very quirky. Um, cute.” Fans took her succinct, unfeeling response as shady and proof of a rift, but Normani says it was “completely blown out of proportion.”

"It is a shame that after four years together as a group I have to address foolishness manufactured by those that have absolutely no idea what goes on,” she wrote. “I have love and respect for all four of my bandmates whether you choose to believe it or not.”

The singer — who’s currently trekking the globe on 5H’s 7/27 Tour — then implored fans to be more empathetic and to remember that “passing judgment on others is wrong.”

"My conscience and spirit are clear,” she wrote. “For those of you who enjoy speculating and creating drama that doesn't exist, please keep in mind that myself and the other girls in the group are PEOPLE, we feel hurt and sadness just like everyone else.

"I am here to offer great music and performance along with my girls,” she continued. “This is our story so let us write it our way, instead of you trying to write it for us.

Read Normani's full statement here.