Katy Perry Almost Dies, Like, 20 Times In Her Epic ‘Rise’ Video

Victory is in her veins, pesky parachute be damned

Katy Perry’s “Rise” video is here, and it finally answers our long-burning (well, since Monday) question: Does she know how to use a parachute?

The epic clip opens with KP again wrestling with that damn pink ’chute, which will be referred to as Pinky for the remainder of this post. Despite looking every bit the capable badass in a skintight suit and several metallic rings in her hair (?!), Katy defeatedly drags Pinky across a rocky terrain, at one point letting it anchor her as she dangles from a cliffside (a terrible idea; would not recommend). She gets bloodied and rained on and nearly suffocated, then basically almost dies in a lake that looks like it’d be pretty dope to swim in if it weren’t trying to drown our heroine.

But alas, in the end, Katy masters the mechanics of Pinky and ... well ... rises. What can I say, she’s nothing if not true to her word.

Check out the dramatic video below, and prepare to hear “Rise” about a billion more times over the next couple weeks as it’s featured in NBC’s coverage of the Rio Olympics.