Let Serena Williams Teach You Her Beyoncé-Approved Twerk

Bey’s No. 1 backup dancer (and occasional tennis player) shares her foolproof tutorial

It’s been three whole years since Miley Cyrus twerked all over the VMA stage and made the dance a topic of national conversation, but if you still haven’t mastered the move, now you can learn from the greatest tennis player in the world.

Serena Williams — who most recently showed off her killer moves in the video for “Sorry” from Beyoncé’s VMA-nominated Lemonade — breaks down the dance step-by-step in a new video from Self magazine. You know, just a casual side project she tackled ahead of competing for her sixth gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

Over a minute, she covers everything from the warm-up to the basic shake and, finally, the twerk itself.

“Everyone does twerking, everyone should at some point do a twerk,” Serena advises. It’s official: As long as she’s still doing it, twerking will never go out of style.