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This Is The Cutest Gigi Hadid Will Ever Look

She said it, not me!

I think we can all agree Gigi Hadid consistently looks cute. Whether she’s managing a gym full of hot dudes, turning the street into her personal runway, or just, you know, on the cover of Vogue, she looks cute.

Well, those are NOTHING compared to this look.

Gigi Hadid Snapchat

Gigi, like everyone else you follow on Snapchat, is a fan of this new filter, which give you purple lips, squishes your face, and slaps some stickers on ya. Though her hair isn’t fluttering in the wind like it typically is, she declared it the cutest she’s “ever been and ever will be.”

That seems impossible — who knows what the future will bring?? — but we’ll take Gigi’s word for it.