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Please Don’t Ask Chloë Grace Moretz Who She’s Dating

Comedy Central’s new digital series, ‘Junketeers,’ exposes the true absurdity of Hollywood press junkets

Chloë Grace Moretz is a young woman of many talents. She’s an actress, model, proud feminist, and a pretty good public speaker, but please don’t refer to her as a girlfriend. And whatever you do, do not ask her if she has a boyfriend — or else.

Created by MTV veteran Josh Horowitz and former Extra reporter Ben Lyons, Comedy Central’s latest digital series, “Junketeers,” exposes the absurd world of entertainment news correspondents and the Hollywood horror story known as the press junket. For context: Last year, author John Green called the junket experience “inherently dehumanizing.” In the five-minute episode above, in which one misguided reporter is forced by his boss to ask Moretz if she has a boyfriend, you can see why. (But here’s the real question: Is it more dehumanizing for the celebrity or the reporter?)

“When things would happen — like you’re in a hotel in New York waiting for two hours and somebody throws a temper tantrum, I would just look at Josh and think, ‘That’s worthy of the show,’” Lyons told Vanity Fair of the impetus for the series. “We definitely based a lot of the experiences and characters on things we’ve seen and done ourselves as well.”

“Junketeers” stars Brian Unger, Barak Hardley, Austin Lyon, Phil Augustus Jackson, and Amanda Lund as vapid, self-absorbed Hollywood reporters in the junket circuit. Each episode finds them struggling to extract buzz-worthy quotes from movie stars in order to generate clicks, create content, and boost their own public profiles — all while testing the limits of their own morals.

The web series features hilarious cameos by Josh Duhamel, Kristen Bell, Gillian Jacobs, Eli Roth, Emily Ratajkowski, Tom Felton, and Matt Bomer. Better yet: All eight episodes are currently available to stream on YouTube and the network’s social platforms.