Complete 180: Teen Wolf Star Shelley Hennig Discusses Her New -- And Very Different -- Role

Get a sneak peek at her upcoming film 'Summer of 8'

Shelley Hennig's Teen Wolf alter ego isn't able to truly savor those exciting teenage years (being a werecoyote is no easy task) -- but the actress' latest movie role involves enjoying this pivotal time in a young person's life.

Summer of 8 -- featuring Hennig as well as Carter Jenkins (who you can catch on the upcoming MTV series Sweet/Vicious), Matthew Shively, Natalie Hall, Michael Grant, Bailey Noble, Nick Marini, Rachel DiPillo and Sonya Walger -- will follow eight close friends as they soak up their last moments of summer together before parting ways for college. As the trailer below shows, the tight-knit group takes advantage of this final opportunity to relish one sun-kissed day...and revelry-filled night.

To celebrate the imminent release of the Ryan Schwartz-directed feature -- the film recently premiered at Newport Film Festival and will be released in selected cities and VOD on September 2 -- we asked Hennig how this character differs from portraying Malia, the blunt Peter Hale offspring.

"Lily wouldn't murder somebody for one," the starlet reveals, with a laugh. "Lily believes in forgiveness. Malia is more aggressive and uptight, whereas Lily is a free spirit who will try all different brands of ketchup because she doesn't discriminate."

Enjoy the sneak peek above, then be sure to catch Shelley in Summer of 8 -- and don't miss her on Teen Wolf, returning this fall!