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Taylor Swift Celebrated Karlie Kloss’s Birthday In The Most Taylor Swift Way

There were sunsets and flowers involved

When you’re best friends with Taylor Swift, birthdays are kind of a big deal. Like most twentysomethings, Tay loves paying tribute to her squad with HBD social media collages and photos. Karlie Kloss is no exception to this rule.

Here’s her Instagram tribute to the “exquisite” former Victoria’s Secret model, who turned 24 on Wednesday (August 3):

But wait, there’s more!

Bestie birthday celebrations aren’t complete without some face-to-face time, but sadly Swift and Kloss weren’t on the same continent, much less the same city.

So they video chatted each other, like normal long-distance friends do. Except their video chat was wayyy more picturesque than any of yours.

Yep, there was a sunset AND flowers present. Why sunflowers? Well, BuzzFeed noticed Taylor always describes Kloss as being “100 percent sunshine.” How poetic.

After all, Taylor is especially gifted with words and lyrics.