Los Angeles Rams/Instagram

Watch Kendrick Lamar And Schoolboy Q Show Off Their Football Skills With An NFL Team

Not bad, fellas

One of the perks of playing for a Los Angeles professional sports team, presumably, is that you can regularly rub shoulders with other celebrities — if that's your kind of thing — more easily than someone who plays in, say, Kansas.

The Los Angeles Rams — who this season will return to L.A. after twenty years in St. Louis — experienced that firsthand on Wednesday (August 3), when Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q showed up at training camp. And they weren't half bad. Q played quarterback, while Dot lined up at wide receiver and made a pretty impressive sideline catch.

Q has spoken about his football career in the past — he was pretty dedicated to the game when he was younger — but we haven't really seen him in action before. And Kendrick might be a little short to be a receiver, but he looks as nimble on the field as he is on the mic, so that helps.

I'd definitely watch TDE take on another label in flag football. Let's set this up, guys?