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Cara Delevingne Wore All Sheer Everything For London’s Suicide Squad Premiere

Even her leather jacket was sheer!!!!!!

Considering she wore a dress held together by rings at the world premiere of Suicide Squad, we had high expectations for what Cara Delevingne would wear to the movie’s London premiere.

Well, we’re happy to report she delivered. Big time.

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Cara opted for a completely sheer Alexander McQueen dress, which she topped with a decked-out leather jacket from the designer.

Much like Cara’s New York premiere outfit, things somehow became even more interesting when she turned around. 😮 !!!!

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The jacket has a sheer back!!! This solves one of life’s greatest woes — not being able to wear a leather jacket in the summer. Obviously Cara would be the one to introduce us to the logical solution, and, for that, we thank her.