Watch Gucci Mane Read Your Funny, But Very Strange Tweets

Don't worry -- he likes them

Even while he was locked up for three years, Gucci Mane remained active on social media. In the few months since he's been out, he's continued to use the platforms to engage with fans and promote new music, like his recently released Everybody Looking album.

And while plenty of celebrities (and regular people) are on the receiving end of nasty messages — Jimmy Kimmel Live even highlights this with a "Mean Tweets" segment — Gucci and Spotify teamed up for "Sweet Tweets," showing the other side of the engagement possibilities.

Guwop's fans showed their guy plenty of love in the segment, from complimenting his impeccable teeth to comparing him to a boneless chicken wing.

And if you thought Gucci would slow down now that Everybody Looking is out, think again. On Wednesday, he posted what appeared to be an album cover on Instagram, as well as a preview of new music.

Woptober is coming, but it's already Gucci Season.