How Scott McCall And Lydia Martin Have Evolved Through The Teen Wolf Years

Watch Tyler Posey and Holland Roden open up about their alter egos

Many supernaturals (and mere humans) have come and gone from Teen Wolf, but Scott McCall and Lydia Martin have remained in Beacon Hills since the very beginning (OGs, indeed).

In honor of the series coming to a close after Season 6 (don't fret yet, we still have 20 more episodes!), MTV News asked the actors behind the iconic small-screen teens to reflect on how their characters have changed since viewers first met them back in 2011. If you ask Tyler Posey, he believes the True Alpha has evolved the most out of his pack (as well as everyone else in the fictional town).

"I knew that when Scott first started, he was in a really weird position -- kind of an outcast and even more so now that he was a newly transformed werewolf," he explained at San Diego Comic-Con, as seen in the video above. He also explains that Scott was in the process of "coming into his own" and discovering what he wants to do with his life.

"He has always remained the hero and the genuine person that just really wants to help," Tyler added. "I'm really proud of Mr. McCall." Us too, Tyler. Us too.

But how does Holland Roden believe Lydia has developed through her high school tenure? Watch the thespian reveal her thoughts (along with executive producer Jeff Davis) in the video below and be sure to stay with MTV News as we approach the fall premiere of the final Teen Wolf installment!