Beyoncé’s 8-Year-Old Secret Admirer Wrote Her A Beautiful Letter

‘You are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers’

Beyoncé's young secret admirer certainly has a way with words. On Tuesday (August 3), Reddit user mattwalks shared a touching note his girlfriend's summer student wrote to the Lemonade singer. It's surprisingly eloquent.

"You are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers," it reads, "but [you're] the only one who stands out sparkle and lite up the sky." Whoever this fan is, they've got a future as a poet for sure.

One of my girlfriend's 8-year-old summer students wrote a letter to "a person you admire"

The ending is the best part: "My favorite song is sorry that song be popin I be turnt up."

Same, girl. SAME.