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Wiz Khalifa And Taylor Gang Turn To A Legendary Soul Singer For Inspiration

It's a taste from the upcoming Taylor Gang Vol. 1 mixtape

This year, Wiz Khalifa has already dropped his solo Khalifa album and his Rude Awakening album with Juicy J and TM88, with another album, Rolling Papers 2, on the way. But because all the smoke in the air makes this dude go harder rather than sink into the couch, he's also getting ready to tee up a mixtape with his crew.

Ahead of that release, we get an early taste of what the Taylor Gang mixtape will offer with "Isaac Hayes," a new ID Labs–produced collab from Wiz, Chevy Woods, and Tuki Carter. The track is vintage Mister Cap and co. — unavoidably catchy and bouncy, with hazy undertones.

The title is a nod to the late legendary soul singer Isaac Hayes, whose song "Never Gonna Give You Up" provides some inspiration for the Taylors. Hayes's 1971 track included the lines, "Never gonna give you up / No matter how you treat me / Never gonna give you up / So don't you think of leaving."

Wiz's hook follows the same format:

Let's hope we get more from Taylor Gang Vol. 1 soon.