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Nick Jonas And Bear Grylls Went Swimming In Nothing But Their Underwear

Across a freezing lake, no less

Nick Jonas loves the outdoors so much that he’s willing to risk life and limb just to be out and about in them.

For his guest appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Jonas did whatever he needed to survive in the wilderness with his new friend — even strip down to his undies and swim across a partially frozen lake.

A clip from the episode shows Nick and Bear fording the freezing waters, then climbing ashore to warm each other up. Nick has diabetes, so it’s especially important that he keeps the circulation up in his feet. Luckily, Bear doesn’t mind giving him a foot massage; he even warms Nick’s feet up in his armpits for a minute.

Could Nick and Bear have just walked around the perimeter of this relatively small body of water instead of plunging in in their skivvies? Probably, but manly bonding comes at a price.