The Sick (Not Sad) World Of Daria Tattoos

These fans made their ‘Daria’ love permanent

Daria, for all her quietude, was definitely a boss, and one worth celebrating. In all her years as TV’s most animated misanthrope, her devoted fans have stuck by her. There’s no truer testament to the fandemonium that still follows the now-two-decade-old character than these rad tattoos.

Here are just some of our faves.

  • Misery really does love company and everybody knows it.

  • And of course Daria and Jane were completely shippable (step aside, Trent).

  • Come to think of it, Daria’s dismay-filled worldview was rather Shakespearean in nature.

  • And let’s not forget about our increasingly realistic tabloid-on-the-tube show.

  • Yes, Jane Lane was a ~star~.

  • This clever cross between Daria and Wednesday Addams is a new slash fic must.

  • So much YES for the pizza nod. For Daria (and everyone?), pizza is humanity’s biggest beacon of hope.

  • Even Quinn is in with the skin (and double-fisting mirrors because of course she is).

  • Last but not least, we give you SpiDaria, the fabled goddess of dread. Bow the fuck down.