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50 Cent And The Game Partied — Together — Like It Was 2005

G-Unit back?

Just a few months ago, The Game was shooting down rumors of a possibly reconciliation between himself and 50 Cent after a decade of tension. "I don't know where that came from," he said of the chatter, "but I can't see that happening no time in the near future."

Well, it looks like something may have changed.

Game and 50 were spotted at the same club in Los Angeles Monday night (August 1), with footage showing the two friends-turned-foes(-turned-friends?) embracing.

This appeared to be more than just civility for show. At another point in the night, Game grabbed the mic and made his position on his relationship with 50 clear.

"I fuck with 50," he said. "What happened, that shit was 12 years ago. N---as ain't on that shit. Drink your motherfucking Effen."

Earlier this year, Game reconnected with Lloyd Banks (at a club, obviously), and in the past he's sounded open to a reconciliation. He and 50 have even been at the same place at the same time before. But 50 typically hasn't been similarly receptive to reliving the good old days.

Maybe that's finally changed.