Kimmy Schmidt Just Had Her First Baby And Tituss Can’t Even

It’s a miracle!

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt family gained a little one this week. Star Ellie Kemper had her first kid — a son! — with husband Michael Koman, People reports. They married in July 2012, and Kemper announced last April that she was pregnant.

Her Netflix partner-in-crime, actor Tituss Burgess, is kind of freaking out about it.

"My Ellie had her baby. A son. But why am I emotional. He's not mine," Burgess wrote on his personal Facebook profile. "I cannot wrap my head around it. Like she went into labor and pushed someone out. I cant [sic] process it."


Maybe some "Peeno Noir" will help you process it, Tituss? Read his full post below.