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Chance The Rapper’s Little Brother Dropped The Perfect Coloring Book Dedication

Over a Chance instrumental

The brotherly love between Chance the Rapper and Taylor Bennett has long been evident, whether it's in the form of musical collaborations like "Broad Shoulders" or publicly supporting each other's endeavors on Twitter.

Taylor, though, went next level on a recent appearance on Sway in the Morning. After a lengthy interview where he talked about everything from his relationship with Chano to his own music to the experiences that have informed his music and perspective, he rapped an ode to his brother.

In a piece tentatively titled "Chance Song," over Coloring Book's "Special," Taylor delivered whirlwind rhymes about growing up together, what he's learned from his big brother, and the advice that Chance has imparted to him. "I was trippin', Chano got me back into the vision / Told me, 'Listen, you gon' have to make decisions / Every one you make is gon' make a difference / What's your vision?'" he rapped.

Afterwards, he spoke a bit about the inspiration behind the song — though it was pretty evident from the song itself.

"That's a special track," Taylor said. "That's for my brother, Chance. Without him, none of this would be possible. And I don't mean that on some rap shit. I mean that on just, like, that's my brother. He saved me from a lot of shit."