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Trump’s GOP Supporters Respond To Future Trump Statements

What will they have to say about what he says next?

The problem with being a politician who has endorsed Donald Trump is that you're forced to say whether you stand with Trump when he makes a statement that is… questionable. Which is a thing that happens often. How far can Trump go before they decide to un-endorse him altogether? I hopped into the MTV News™ Time-Machine® to find out.

John McCain press release, 8/8/2016

I come from a long line of men who have been blessed to serve our country in the armed forces. My father served, I have my own service record, and my sons have served as well. So as a proud member of a military family, and as an American citizen, I agree with Donald Trump that we should seek to remember with reverence and deep gratitude the many, many men and women of all ethnicities and religions who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.

However, I must register my deep disagreement with the idea that the best way to honor the memory of our brave heroes is to excavate each headstone from Arlington National Cemetery and use them as bricks in a proposed wall on the border we share with Mexico.

Marco Rubio, screenshot from the Notes app, tweeted from @marcorubio, 8/28/2016

Paul Ryan, on Meet the Press, 9/4/2016

While I am very encouraged by Donald Trump's devotion to fiscal discipline, and I certainly applaud our nominee's enthusiasm in brainstorming fresh and unconventional ways to address our mounting debt — which has ballooned owing to the irresponsible policies and mismanagement of the Obama administration, which, I might add, Hillary Clinton promises to continue and expand — I disagree with this particular proposal. The proceeds from auctioning off the naming rights to the White House as if it were a sports stadium certainly wouldn't be enough to make a dent in the national debt. And look: I think the hypothetical names he chose to illustrate how such a scheme would work — The Saudi Aramco™ White House or the Volkswagen™ House — are beneath our dignity as a nation.

I also disagree with any characterization of this proposal as "privatization, like what our tremendous president Ronald Reagan believed in" and "capitalism at its most terrific and beautiful."

I look forward to continuing my dialogue with Mr. Trump and working with him to stop Hillary Clinton.

Newt Gingrich, transcript of TMZ video, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 9/17/2016

I think it's probably premature. Maybe at some point we'll want to add another bust to Mount Rushmore, but I think you have to be dead to be eligible to be on there. [laughs] Liquefying the bones of the old and mixing them with the blood of the infirm might be cheap, but I've never heard of it being used as plaster. Not for a permanent installation outside, anyway.

Mitch McConnell press release, 9/27/2016

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Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for our nation, and her election will certainly hasten the decline of our great country to ruin and ill repute, a decline that began with the disastrous election of Barack Obama as president. We cannot risk another round of ultra-liberal, far-left activist judges to be appointed to the federal courts, let alone to the Supreme Court. However, I must register a small note of disagreement with Donald Trump's recent proposed list of nominees. Judge Judy, as "marvelous and tough" as she might be, at 73, is probably a bit older than I personally think is wise. Nancy Grace, despite her "tremendous, sky-high ratings" on her "wonderful program," has shaky pro-life credentials. And while I miss Judge Scalia as much as anyone, the proposal to reappoint him to the court and have him communicate with his colleagues via "that very accurate board game" or a professional medium is likely unconstitutional. However, I'm told that this is only a preliminary draft of his list of nominees and I'm sure as he gets more feedback from various members of the party, the list will certainly improve.

John Boehner, outside his home in West Chester Township, Ohio, 10/9/2016

See, what I did was I had the soil tested and I found out that the pH levels made it way too acidic. So what I did was, I had 'em truck in new topsoil, so the top two feet of soil of this entire lawn is good-quality earth. Most people don't know that the soil is the key to having such a lush, beautiful lawn like this. And then I like to leave it a little higher, too. I have to mow it a little more often to keep it from looking unkempt, but it's way better than mowing it too short. That's what gives it that organic, natural look. I'm gonna invite the grandkids over a little later this week for a little croquet tournament. Looks great, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm unaware of any congressional Republicans who "loosely wear human flesh like cheap suits," nor do I know anything about the "Great Portals" or any "Old Ones joining us once more." You'll have to ask Trump's campaign about those tweets.

Scott Walker, press conference, 11/2/2016

I am personally unaware of any intelligence pointing to Justin Bieber being a "Canadian interloper" who has been planted by the "lizard people who are behind the Muslim Brotherhood." I also haven't seen any evidence that "Sorry" is meant to apologize to our enemies, nor that the "suspicious ticking clock sound" in the bridge of "What Do You Mean?" is a coded message meant to trigger sleeper agents. So, obviously, I disagree with Mr. Trump's characterization of Bieber, which should not be taken as a representation of the views of the Republican Party as a whole. I look forward to the American people making the right choice on Tuesday, and I'm sure they will. Hillary Clinton is simply too out of touch with mainstream America to be president.

Chris Christie, transcript of video after campaign event in Nampa, Idaho, 10/20/2016

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He said — he said what? I haven't heard anything like that. Look — I don't, I don't want to give a statement when I haven't heard the details. I'm not sure disemboweling me and — what did you say he wanted to do with my entrails? Yeah… I'm not sure how forming several crude wreaths from my entrails to place at the steps of the Washington Monument will ward off terrorists, but I look forward to hearing more about it.