'Teen Mom 2' Homecoming: Javi Marroquin Reunites With Loved Ones After Deployment

See his heartwarming photo with Isaac and Lincoln

Javi Marroquin tearfully bid his family goodbye as he faced deployment during the last season of Teen Mom 2 -- but now, the young dad is back in Delaware after fulfilling his job duties overseas, he joyfully announced on Twitter:

Soon after touching down in the US, the serviceman teased that he would see his "boys" Isaac and Lincoln before long. And several hours later, Javi shared a wonderful glimpse inside his reunion with the MTV munchkins.

"My world in one picture," he sweetly added.

While we can't see Isaac's face, he is giving Javi the biggest hug as they embrace in the doorway. Meanwhile, Lincoln's joyful expression as he gazes right at his father is truly heartwarming.

Enjoy this special time with your family and friends, Javi! And for a Teen Mom 2 rewind, watch Javi leave for a business trip in the clip below.