Daria And Jane Made Subversive BFFs Cool

They were the OG cool girls of pop culture

For every Cher and Dionne, there was a Daria and Jane. Instead of fussing with the cute cami dress and hairpin fashion regime of their time, Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane were in the business of badassery. They were smart, sassy, and stuck together as they happily occupied the outskirts of the cliché machine that was Lawndale High School. They relished their space outside the fish tank and provided each other (and us) with weird and witty banter, and they also loved pizza (very important to being cool).

Daria’s animated besties helped put society’s low-key cool kids on the map for good, paving the way for others to follow in on the anti-trend. Check out more of our favorite fictional gal pals that proved subversive minds think alike.

  • Kat Stratford and Mandella in 10 Things I Hate About You

    Kat and Mandella were pre-hashtag goals, guys, and not just because they were lingo-slingers to shame them all, but also because they were cool without trying to be. They didn’t need mom’s pearls or Bogey Lowenstein’s party to get down — they had their own set of interests (reading, soccer, Bikini Kill and The Raincoats) and so that’s what they went with, popular or nah.

  • Lindsay and Millie from Freaks and Geeks

    There might have been a little cognitive dissonance between these two along the way, but the freak-geek loyalty line still laid pretty firm between these two by the end of it, and no amount of “the pot” or accidental dog homicide could come between them. Every Lindsay needs a Millie in her life.

  • Juno and Leah from Juno
    Fox Searchlight

    These fast-talking champs of wit had to learn some hard lessons about life’s consequences early on, but they were all-weather friends who stuck by each other through the really tough stuff. Being outcast from the crowd just wasn’t a concern for them.

  • Susanna and Lisa from Girl, Interrupted
    Columbia Pictures

    By the end of it, this girl group got damn dark, but there were still some pretty good times of solidarity that rolled between these millennial Bell Jar–ish beauties that made their misadventures at the institution (sans those nasty racial remarks, of course) a thrill. Eccentricities equal excitement.

  • Courtney, Julie, and Marcie in Jawbreaker
    Crossroads Films

    Liz Purr–slaying aside, these three were the OG Mean Girls. Sure, they were hip and happening around the halls, but they were also dark and twisty individuals and gave some punchy flavor to the concept of ruling their school with cruel. Not since Heathers had we seen such a sick squad, and you know what? It was all the more fun for it.

  • Evie and Tracy from Thirteen
    Fox Searchlight

    Breaking badette is better (or worse, depending) done in pairs, and these two ride-or-dies were in it together, from tongue piercings to ill-advised parties to you name it. They were kind of the teen queens of bad ideas, but sometimes these are the moments, ya know?