Can The Are You The One Gang Rebound From That Shocking Blackout?

They went from $1 million to $750,000 during the eighth week of the dating competition

It's so hard losing $250,000 -- just ask the Are You the One? guys and gals.

During tonight's shocking installment, the 20 love hopefuls said goodbye to a potential quarter of a million dollars because they ALL failed to sit with their confirmed companions (save for Cameron/Mikala and Sam/Alyssa -- the Truth Booth handled that).

How did this startling twist occur, during the eighth week of the dating competition series? The crew -- led by strategist Morgan -- opted to go with new couples during the formal evening but decided that Asaf and Camille should partner up (they had previously sat together five times, so it made sense from a game-play perspective).

Until it didn't. While Casaf did their part to try to get everyone some much-needed answers, Stephen picked Julia which went against the entire house's plans. Even though the bold last-minute pick set up a domino effect and derailed everything, it ultimately didn't matter: Stelia were not meant to be, according to the matchmakers.

And neither were Gio/Nicole, Prosper/Francesca, Tyler/Emma, Cam/Tori, Morgan/Victoria and John/Kaylen.

The biggest reaction: Victoria repeatedly screaming "Noooo!!!" when host Ryan Devlin revealed the sobering news and told the participants that some really solid relationships "come to a crashing halt."

But this isn't the gang's final chance: They still have two more TB opportunities as well as two more Match-Up ceremonies. Do you think they will be able to get the final eight couples correct and split the $750,000 jackpot at the last minute -- or will they go home empty-handed? Be sure to catch a special two-hour finale next Monday at 10/9c to see how it all plays out in Hawaii!