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Someone Please Teach Katy Perry How To Use A Parachute Correctly

The teaser for her ‘Rise’ video raises some questions about skydiving safety

Katy Perry’s official video for “Rise” comes out on Thursday, August 4, and she’s teased it with a brief clip that shows she’s not really sure how to use a parachute.

The follow-up to the Olympics visual for the song stars Perry in pilot gear misusing a parachute in various ways: underwater (nope), as a climbing rope (nah), as a kind of hang glider (no), as a boxing partner (what?).

“Rise” is all about resilience, and it looks like this new video will follow that theme, in that Perry is resiliently trying to use a parachute despite not knowing what a parachute does.

Who will win in the eternal battle of Perry versus parachute? We’ll find out on Thursday.