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Jason Derulo Gets Funky As Hell On New Song ‘Kiss The Sky’

Is it his next big hit?

To celebrate the release of his first compilation album, Jason Derulo has done what Jason Derulo does best: dropped a catchy-as-hell new song you’ll soon be hearing everywhere, whether you want to or not.

The singer veers into funk territory on “Kiss The Sky,” a groove-filled jam featuring a roving bass line and lyrics that set the mood for good times ahead. “’Cause I believe we can fly now / Spread your wings and kiss the sky,” Derulo sings in his signature sky-grazing falsetto.

Released today (July 29), Derulo’s Platinum Hits features 11 platinum-selling songs spanning his career, including “Want to Want Me,” “Talk Dirty,” “Wiggle,” and “Trumpets.” “Kiss the Sky” is the album’s only new song ... and judging by his hit-heavy track record, it may be Derulo’s lucky No. 12.