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Has Anyone Seen Selena Gomez’s Bangs? They're Missing. Please Help!

What is this witchcraft

At the beginning of June, just as temperatures were beginning to rise, Selena Gomez made the bold decision to get bangs. Despite our concerns — think of the frizz! — they consistently looked shiny, sleek, and perfectly piece-y. Now, just as as we’ve gotten used to them, they’ve gone MIA.

At first glance, everything about this photo seems normal. There’s Selena hanging out with her Revival tour “girlies,” wearing a crop top, etc. But, upon slightly closer inspection, something feels different, absent. It’s those damn bangs!!!! Where are they????

Anyone who has ever had the great displeasure of growing out bangs knows that hiding them is a daunting, near-impossible task, and yet here is Selena without a wisp in sight. There are two options for how she pulled this off — sorcery, or careful behind-the-ear tucking. Either way, we’re gonna need some tutorials.