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Selena Gomez Trades Sequins For Sheer On Her Revival Tour

The easiest way to cool down in the summer, TBH

Selena Gomez has added a bunch of costumes to her Revival tour wardrobe since she first hit the road in June, but her latest is less sparkly and a lot more sheer.

Selena shared a photo from her Singapore stop, where she introduced a new ~lewk~ into her show: a totally see-through shirt. There's a snakeskin panel across the front, insuring the show stays, like, PG-ish, but besides that, it's alllll mesh. It gets hot up on that stage, y'know? Gotta stay cool.

Selena is on tour through December, so buckle in for many more costumes. By the end of the tour, I imagine she'll be up to, like, 803 suitcases??