Michael Yarish/Netflix

You Haven’t Lived Until You See Lin-Manuel Miranda Rap About Full House

‘What y’all know about Bob Saget?’

Predictability went out the window when Hamilton guru Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyled about everyone’s favorite San Francisco fam. Working with Freestyle Love on Seeso, Miranda asked the age-old question: “What y’all know about Bob Saget?”

What, indeed. Besides being a stand-up comedian, author, and Broadway star, Saget is best-known for playing Danny Tanner on Full House and Fuller House. Miranda raps about Saget’s character in the most Lin-Manuel way possible, then moves onto the rest of the OG cast.

Naturally, the Tanner family loved the tribute. Dave Coulier said, “This is crazy...crazy good!!!,” Lori Loughlin exclaimed, “This makes me so happy!,” and Jodie Sweetin was all of us when she tweeted that Miranda was “an absolute genius!” Moreover, Saget was unsurprisingly honored to be rapped about by Alexander Hamilton Miranda.