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Quiz: Can You Match The Tattoo To The Pop Star?

How well do you really know Britney, Katy, Demi, and more celebs’s ink?

Admit it: You’ve spent your fair share of time ogling photos of your fave pop stars — so much so, that you probably notice every single time Demi Lovato changes her hair color or Harry Styles suddenly starts wearing flare pants (and if not, well, we’re always here to tell you).

One of the hardest style trends to follow, though, are celebrity tattoos. Justin Bieber, for example, has over 50 of them. Zayn Malik will probably never stop adding to his ever-growing sleeve. Selena Gomez’s are teeny-tiny. How can we possibly keep up?!

Test your knowledge of pop star tattoos by taking the quiz below, and be warned: It might be harder than you think.