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Hear A Gorgeous, Previously Unreleased Lana Del Rey Song

LDR gets dreamy as hell on ‘Super Movie’

A previously unheard, unreleased Lana Del Rey song has leaked, and ... well ... it’s quintessential LDR. Wistful lyrics? Check. Dreamy melodies? Check. A sudden dose of melancholia to bring you back down to earth? Check, check, check.

The intoxicating song is reportedly titled “Super Movie,” and finds Lana cooing about escaping with her lover over a simple guitar melody. “Spin me around, kiss me in your Chevrolet / I love you more with each and every day,” she sings, before the sadness sets in: “One day we woke up and found that we had grew.” Oh, Lana, why must you toy with our emotions like this?!

According to NME, current speculation stands that the song was recorded during Lana’s Honeymoon sessions in 2010. Fans are also guessing that it’s an early version of “On Our Way,” judging by some of the two tracks’ overlapping lyrics. Whatever the case, it’s a welcome bit of new music from the singer, who’s reportedly begun prepping her fifth studio album.