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This Video Of Rick Ross Parasailing Is As Beautiful And Graceful As It Sounds

OK, I don't know exactly how many feet, but still

Rick Ross, being the biggest boss that we've seen thus far™, often does boss-like things. This is a fact that's been told and retold, with examples ranging from ushering his Maybach Music Group and its signees to prominence to his dedication to RossFit to his sworn love of pears.

His latest move came this week, when Ricky embarked on a parasailing excursion in the south of France. It's been a long-standing fact that things are often more entertaining when Rick Ross does them, and parasailing is no different.

He shared the sun-, air-, and water-filled day on Snapchat, and TMZ compiled the clips for our collective viewing pleasure. This is the definition of grace.

Someone get this man his flip-flops.