Your First Look At H&M And Kenzo’s Bright Collaboration

All the bright colors and animal prints you could possibly need

In May, H&M announced its next collaboration would be with Kenzo, a partnership that makes total sense considering their shared penchant for bright colors and animal prints. Today, we got our first look at what’s to come in the November 3 release and — surprise! — there are bright colors and prints aplenty.

While it’s hard to tear your eyes from the matching bright red tiger print leggings and turtleneck, um, how about that coat????? Pink shearling?? YES, PLEASE. Pretty sure only something that looks like this could get me excited about a faux-fur coat on a 95-degree day.

In addition to the leather coat, there’s a parka, as well as flip-flops, socks, jeans, and, it would appear, bags and hats. Whether or not you wear them all at the same time is your call.