Kerry Washington/Instagram

11 Scandal Selfies That Are Far From Presidential

Get ready for photobombs and kissy faces

Olivia Pope’s gladiators are back at it again for ABC’s Scandal. Though the show’s fifth season wrapped in May, during the first Season 6 table read on Monday (July 25), the cast pulled out their funny faces for selfies galore. It’s such an intense show, so it’s refreshing to see stars Kerry Washington, “Huckleberry Quinn,” and more goof off behind the scenes. See for yourself:

  1. Even presidents stick their tongues out.
  2. And even first ladies throw up peace signs.
  3. D’aww!
  4. Huckleberry Quinn is your new favorite ship name.
  5. 😍😍😍
  6. The girls are all smiles.
  7. The dudes less so.
  8. Candid moments are the best.
  9. Mwah!
  10. Mellie Grant can’t stop meowing.
  11. Season 6 is just getting started.