This ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Lyric Quiz Is Probably A Lot Harder Than You Think

Celebrate the song’s 16th anniversary by seeing how well you actually know all the words

Exactly 16 years ago today (July 25), Baha Men made a very loud inquiry about why the canines were not sheltered, and they did so in such a catchy way that it became a massive radio smash. “Who Let the Dogs Out” won a Grammy, soundtracked Rugrats in Paris: The Movie ... hell, it was even Alex Rodriguez’s walk-up song at one point.

And yet, for as many times as you’ve probably heard the song (100? 1,000?), do you even know the words? The chorus doesn’t count; anyone with a pulse and the ability to shout “WHO” four times in a row can recite that in their sleep. But what about the verses, much less that rapid-fire rap showdown?

See how well you remember “Who Let the Dogs Out” by taking our extensive lyric quiz below.

And now, because you surely have it in your head already, let’s revisit the track’s goofy music video, shall we?

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