Troye Sivan And Alessia Cara’s ‘Wild’ Video Is Inspiring Fans To Be Proud Of Their Sexuality


As an openly gay artist, Troye Sivan has long championed the inclusion and normalization of LGBTQ relationships in mainstream media. His first music video for “Wild,” for example, depicted a gripping Romeo & Romeo romance, complete with plenty of innocent PDA with his on-screen lover. Now, in a new video for the retooled version of “Wild” that features Alessia Cara, Sivan again celebrates same-sex love — and it’s impacting fans in a critical way.

The video, released over the weekend, explores the beauty of blooming love among various young couples, both gay and straight. We see dreamy, romantic footage of Sivan, Cara, and their gaggle of friends frolicking around a suburban neighborhood, being completely and fearlessly free.

The clip ends with a color-blocked screen that reads “Keep On Kissing” and, following its premiere, fans started sharing the hashtag #KeepOnKissing on social media. Their messages and photos ultimately relay the larger impact of the “Wild” video: It’s inspiring fans to be as happily proud as Sivan is, to share that with the world, and to keep reminding everyone that love is love, no matter what it looks like.

Some fans, like this one, were inspired to come out, and thanked Troye for inspiring self-acceptance.

Other fans were inspired to share photos of themselves and their significant others.

Plenty of fans felt overwhelmed with pride about who they are.

And there were plenty of supportive messages about freely loving whomever you choose.