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Christina Grimmie’s Family Will Release Four Posthumous Music Videos For Her Final Songs

The Ballad of Jessica Blue will be released in four parts next month

Before her untimely death last month, Christina Grimmie had been working on a series of music videos for songs from her recent Side A EP. Now her brother Brian has announced that all four videos will see a posthumous release.

“August will be a visual celebration of Side A,” Brian wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. “We have a four part mini-series of music videos for the Side A EP titled The Ballad of Jessica Blue."

The videos will be released over four weeks in August and September. The first, “Snow White,” comes out August 11.

Christina had filmed all four videos back in February before she left for the Wildfire Tour. Like the original videos that helped her reach her first fans, the Jessica Blue visuals will be released through her YouTube channel.