Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Things Seem Way Too Good To Be True On Chairlift’s New Song ‘Get Real’

‘There's only so much candy I can eat’

“Cut the bullshit and get real” is not only a sage life motto, but the crux of a surprise new song from pop duo Chairlift, who can’t help but wonder about a love that seems deceptively sweet.

Aptly titled “Get Real,” the apparent one-off track finds Caroline Polachek flexing her impressive vocals chops and stretching out her syllables to dazzling effect. “Is there more to you than sweet? / There’s only so much candy I can eat,” she sings over Patrick Wimberly’s whimsical production. If you dug the duo’s most recent album, Moth, you’ll love this one too.

Along with releasing the new song on Friday, Chairlift also premiered a mini-documentary about the making of Moth. Check it out here.