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Kendall Jenner Feels Kylie’s Impact, Tries Out A New Hair Color


Last time Kendall Jenner unveiled a major hair change on Snapchat, it was her new bob. Now, it’s purple hair.

Kendall Jenner Snapchat

Kendall is on set for some secret shoot with famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier, and she’s keeping us in the loop re: all things hair. First, she reintroduced us to her long hair, which is back for the shoot.

Kendall Jenner Snapchat

But one snap later, Kendall revealed something even more exciting — her long hair was cut off again. JK. She’s gone purple! While this isn’t Kendall’s first foray into colorful hair — she went pink for Vogue in the fall — it’s always unexpected to see this Jenner sister anything but brunette.

Though the new look is probably going to be short-lived, we can look forward to seeing it again when it pops up in whatever secret shoot Kendall is working on.