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17 Times Gigi Hadid Transformed The Street Into Her Personal Runway

Walk, walk, fashion baby

Yesterday, Vogue released a day-in-the-life video starring Gigi Hadid, who showed us how to do L.A. her way. Though the video claims to be parodic — apparently she doesn't really go to In-N-Out in full sequins 😭!!!! — there's no denying Gigi regularly looks that good when she's candidly photographed on the street.

Here are 17 times she turned the streets of New York, L.A., and wherever else her insane schedule takes her into IRL runways.

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    Oh, your hair doesn't flow like this in the wind? Weird.

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    Even with a felt hat on, she looks calm, cool, and collected in the middle of summer.

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    This? Just Gigi emerging from a car and not even drawing attention to the fact that her lipstick perfectly matches her bag. Same.

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    If you'll direct your attention to Gigi's right foot, you'll noticed she's mid-step. Does anyone else on earth look this good mid-step??

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    In addition to her hair, Gigi can get her coats to elegantly flow in the wind. How? We'll never know.

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    She doesn't even have to stop to look in a store window to fix her hair. Total pro.

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    This photo was taken in February. Would you have any idea of that? No way. The temperature does not affect Gigi.

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    Even with her hair up, her coat continues to flutter.

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    No one else looks like this on the streets of New York. THEY JUST DON'T.

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    I guess we can take solace in the fact that a large part of Gigi's job involves walking, which is how she can look like this mid-step.

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    Is she on her way to fly a plane? I wouldn't be surprised, honestly.

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    Snow doesn't change anything. In fact, it enhances how cool she looks at all times.

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    Gigi on the street in front of her apartment or on the runway? We'll never know.

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    Seriously how is her coat always flowing behind her.

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    You could photoshop a Chanel Haute Couture runway behind her — you know, the one where Karl Lagerfeld dresses models as brides — and no one would blink. Someone might wonder why a bride has a bag, but could easily chalk it up to #FASHUN.

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    Yep, this is totally what I look like leaving my apartment every morning. Yep. 100%.

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    Of course, the streets become even more runway-like when Gigi is joined in lockstep by a fellow supermodel.