Johnny Tsunami Meets The Office In This Mini Web Series

Brandon Baker reprises his DCOM character and joins corporate America

Johnny Tsunami, a beloved Disney Channel Original Movie, now has its own mini–web series starring Johnny himself, Brandon Baker. As part of the aftermath of Disney’s insane DCOM marathon earlier this summer, Oh My Disney created a new series titled “Johnny on the Job,” part of Disney IRL.

In the newest video, which dropped on Thursday (July 21), Johnny tries to follow in his dad’s footsteps and joins the corporate working world. His grandfather would not be pleased to hear this, let me tell ya. Filmed in the style of The Office, Johnny speaks to the camera, and his coworkers get their own one-off moments. In this case, his associate Thomas despises Johnny, making fun of his catchphrases and hating on surfing, giving off some serious Brett vibes from the first movie.

There are several references to the film in the three-minute video, as well as to other Disney films like Lilo & Stitch. The previous two “episodes” involve Johnny dealing with a super dull office meeting and getting caught making copies of the Johnny Tsunami poster.

It’s unclear if any more videos are in the works, or if we’re only privy to these three, but we’ll ride out the wave while it lasts, brah.