Disney’s Read It And Weep Stars Celebrate The DCOM’s 10th Anniversary

Jason Dolley confesses why he almost didn’t take the role

We just keep getting older because Read It and Weep, the 64th DCOM — or maybe not — turned 10 years old on Thursday (July 21). It’s a tad surreal to believe the movie about a high school girl whose private journal becomes a best-seller is that old already. To commemorate, stars Kay Panabaker and Jason Dolley, who played friends who became more than friends, reflected on the the movie, sharing memories and behind-the-scenes pics on Instagram.

  • Panabaker explained how making the DCOM "really was like home" because she got to work with her sister Danielle and her parents were with them on set in Utah.
  • Dolley confessed he almost didn't even accept the role because he really wanted to go on his school trip to Washington, D.C.

Happy 10th, Read It and Weep!