Mark Horton/Getty Images

Schoolboy Q’s ‘JoHn Muir’ Video Gives New Meaning To ‘Ride-Or-Die Friendship’

Prepare for a gritty, unique view of L.A.

Fresh off the release of his third album Blank Face LP, Schoolboy Q has dropped the gritty, potent video for standout track “JoHn Muir.”

As Q recounts his days spent “bellin’ through the motherfuckin’ street, y’all,” a car-mounted camera shows the passenger-side perspective of two teens cruising around South Central. Moments of chaos and violence are juxtaposed with chilled-out normalcy — one minute they’re hitting up the drive thru for some In-N-Out, the next minute they’re robbing and killing.

The vid takes a surprising turn in the end, as karma catches up to the literal ride-or-die friends. Let’s just say you probably won’t be seeing these guys in a sequel.