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Zendaya Offers Some Words Of Wisdom For Stiletto Newbies

Listen up, kids: put on your pointiest pumps

Standing 5 feet 10 inches is just a starting point for Zendaya; she'll take any opportunity to wear heels. She's a pro at walking in sky-high stilettos, but Z admits it hasn't always been that way.

While talking to InStyle about her shoe line, Daya by Zendaya, she offered some soft advice on newcomers to the heel game.

"I add an extra squishy padding underneath in all of my shoes," she told the mag, before adding that practice is essential. "I was not good at walking in heels when I first started walking in heels. Absolutely not. You've got to walk around the house in them. Do random stuff in them, like your chores. Walk around in them if you have something coming up where you have to wear heels."

And if you're really trying to channel your inner Zendaya while you nail your walk, put on a pair of pointed pumps, which she says "looks good with everything." Trust her, she knows.