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‘The Stakes’: The World Outside

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to “The Stakes.” This week, we're bringing you some incredible stories about politics, social justice, and the world outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Believe me, we need the break as much as you do. Coming up:

Part 1: Our deputy editor Julianne Ross fills us in on the singular intersection of Snapchat nudes and political protest that is Tramps Against Trump.

Part 2: Producer Kasia Mychajlowycz talks to New York Times editor Karen Zraick about the murder of Qandeel Baloch.

Part 3: Producer Mukta Mohan interviews a member of Storytime Underground to learn about how a group of underground librarians are stocking their shelves with more than just books.

Part 4: Writer Marcus Ellsworth brings us a poem about the contributions made by non-white people to civilization as we know it.

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If you subscribe to this podcast (and you certainly should subscribe to this podcast), you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been bringing you late-night coverage of the Republican National Convention with “The Stakes After Dark” (SAD!). We hope you’ve been enjoying listening to our punchy nightly missives as much as we’ve enjoyed recording them. If you haven’t taken a listen this week, fear not; our nightly coverage will continue Monday through Thursday next week as we follow the action when the Democrats head to Philadelphia.

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