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Selena Gomez’s First Makeup Tutorial Is Here, Cancel Everything

You'll need time to get your ~lewk~ that clean

Somehow, until today, we've lived in a world without a Selena Gomez makeup tutorial. How we pulled it off, I do not know. What I do know is we never have to return to that time — Selena has officially shown us how to cop her Revival Tour makeup for ourselves.

In the video, makeup artist Melissa Murdick re-creates Selena's copper eye ~lewk~. Though the steps are sped up, it's easy to get the general idea — eye shadow, liner, lashes, more eye shadow, brows. Though Melissa applies fake lashes and eyeliner in a way only a makeup artist can — there are no Q-tips in sight, so — the overall effect seems feasible, which is truly all we ask for in a tutorial.

Now all that we ask is that Selena drops makeup tutorials more regularly. Maybe on, like, a Kylie Jenner–esque schedule? We'll watch every 👏 single 👏 one.