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Teen Wolf Cast Takes Final Curtain Call At San Diego Comic-Con

The actors, plus executive producer Jeff Davis, revealed secrets from the final installment

Save the best for last: The Teen Wolf cast just took their final curtain call at San Diego Comic-Con.

The werewolf-themed series, which made its debut at the four-day SoCal event back in 2011, will end after a 20-episode Season 6. The MTV program — a true Con staple — wrapped up its last panel with stars Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, and Khylin Rhambo, plus executive producer Jeff Davis and surprise guests Cody Christian, JR Bourne, and Ian Bohen. While there were plenty of sentimental moments, the MTV gang did tease what’s to come as the program comes to a close — including the trailer below, which is sure to make you speechless ...

Here are 10 tidbits we can spill from Ballroom 20:

  1. The final installment
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    Jeff broke the news to the packed, stunned crowd and described it was “bittersweet” to tell everyone at SDCC. Tyler added:“This isn't just a show, this is a family.”

  2. Theo is alive and ... well?
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    “He definitely went to hell and back; it was definitely a trip,” Cody revealed. “He comes back a changed man, and there’s a new dynamic to the character. I’m really excited to share it with the fans.”

  3. The Dread Doctors aren’t gone yet

    We thought we had the seen the last of them, but nope.

  4. A new type of supernatural emerges

    We've seen so many different figures and characters through the years (Jeff is a “history buff,” after all) — and now we’ll meet a Nazi werewolf.

  5. Familiar faces will return (a Hale and an Argent, to name a few!)
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    Like JR and Ian — who showed up donning the Ghostriders’ garb before revealing themselves to the elated Con group.

  6. Daddy drama for Malia
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    You know, since Peter Hale is back in Beacon Hills drumming up some mischief.

  7. Is an Alpha title in store?
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    Well, the best candidate is Liam — and with Scott graduating from HS, that might be a possibility.

  8. A dream come true
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    Khylin has made it no secret that he’s obsessed with supernaturals — and portraying the Beast was a life-changing moment (D'AWWWWWW).

  9. Tyler is a huge fan of Flashdance
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    In fact, he channeled Jennifer Beals’s alter ego from the cult classic — and doused himself with water as he entered the event.

  10. Holland makes a fashion statement
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    She wore a shirt with the message “You can pee next to me” — voicing her support for people to use the restroom that they identify with in the wake of controversial House Bill 2 in North Carolina.