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World Debut: Chelsea Houska Shares The First Glimpse Of Baby DeBoer

Take a look at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ castie’s sonogram!

Chelsea Houska has to wait until Valentine's Day 2017 to hold her second child — and first addition with fiancé Cole DeBoer. But the Teen Mom 2 cast member just unveiled a glimpse of her impending bundle of joy, thanks to a recent ultrasound.

A bit of context about the sweet tweet: Aubree's mama asked her followers if anyone had used the Ramzi theory to guess the baby's gender because she was "impatient" waiting to get some definitive answers. When one fan replied, the bride-to-be sent the sonogram above, and the enthusiast quickly followed up that she believed Chelsea's peanut is a boy.

Chelsea stated shortly after announcing her pregnancy that she would find out her child's sex. While guessing is fun, it is too soon to know for sure — so let the suspense continue!

Be sure to check MTV News for Chelsea pregnancy updates — and for an added bonus, watch Chelsea and Cole celebrate their engagement during a scene featured in last season of TM2!

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