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Zara Blatantly Ripped Off An Indie Artist, And The Company’s Response Is Infuriating

Artist Tuesday Bassen is not letting them get away with it

Zara has never been particularly adept at getting away with knocking off entire high-end and ready-to-wear collections, but this time they've gone too far. Tuesday Bassen, an indie artist based in Los Angeles, has publicly accused the Spanish fast fashion brand of ripping off her art.

On Twitter and Instagram, Tuesday shared side-by-side comparisons of her pins and patches next to the ones available for purchase at Zara stores. The similarities are undeniable: I mean, take a look at those heart lollipops. Hi, Zara, we all see you.

When Tuesday and her lawyer contacted Zara, the company didn't even deny they copied her artwork.

Instead, Zara claimed that the designs "lack distinctiveness" to be associated with Tuesday and, worst of all, since they're a major corporation and she's an indie artist, her claims don't matter. Sure, the company has found success worldwide, but, uh, that doesn't mean it can just take whatever it wants from lesser-known brands. Also, Zara must know how David and Goliath ends, right?

On Instagram, Tuesday writes that she plans to press charges, but just sending the letter has already cost her $2,000, a "luxury" most artists can't afford.

To support Tuesday, and all artists who are regularly ripped off by major corporations without penalty, buy some stuff from her. Might I suggest this "Time to pay" pin, sent directly to Zara's head office?