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Miley Cyrus Does Her Best Alien Impression On Lolawolf’s New Single

'Teardrop' is an awesomely creepy turn for the Dead Petz singer

In between modeling Liam Hemsworth's t-shirts on Instagram, Miley Cyrus found some time to record backing vocals for her pals in Lolawolf.

Cyrus appears on Lolawolf’s slinky new single “Teardrop,” her earthy voice serving as foil to Zoë Kravitz’s airier tone. She also delivers a quick spoken interlude about halfway through the track through a thick mesh of creepy vocal effects.

"Fuck love games,” Cyrus says. “Love’s not a game, and if it is, then I don’t want to play."

Her delivery sounds a lot like the talking-singing combo she performed on “BB Talk” from her 2015 album Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz, but “Teardrop” as a whole is a few shades darker than anything Cyrus has done before. Does this feature spell a new direction for whatever she’s working on next?

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