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Lucas Grabeel Just Bopped To The Top Of The Body Positive Movement

He shut this ‘beauty’ ad down

Lucas Grabeel has been super busy lately filming his hit show Switched at Birth and lending his voice to the upcoming animated series Elena of Avalor. But on Monday (July 18), the High School Musical star made time for speaking out against body stereotypes.

While perusing the aisles at Rite Aid, Grabeel spotted this “beauty” ad and couldn't handle its shallowness. The ad proudly sported the archaic slogan “Beauty is skin deep,” presumably thinking it was punny because it was for some type of face wash or moisturizer. Grabeel wasn't impressed, and took to Instagram to express his concerns with this message.

“It's hard to love yourself a lot of the time,” Grabeel wrote. “It's easy to make excuses why we shouldn't love ourselves: too fat, too short, too stupid, too weird, too poor, - inadequacies of an unobtainable level of perfection. Well, perfection is lame. There's no where to go from that.”


He continued with, “Shouldn't we all be in a constant state of growth? Isn't life all about the journey? Love is tough, but that makes it mean that much more. I struggle with all of this all of the time. Sending all you peeps out there some deep love today. ❤️💛💚💙💜.”

Personally, as a female who has to deal with these BS stereotypes on a daily basis, it’s thrilling to see a guy speak out so openly about this topic. Female celebs like Ariel Winter who routinely denounce body-shaming are great voices for this issue, but it’s always nice to see male counterparts clap back at it as well.